Biography - Angelo Luisi-Montenegro

“The Ideas are nothing more than the Echo of our Passions”
Following architectural studies, carries out research on the city of Turin. With the creation of a synthetic handbook of history of architecture and a selection of zenith photographs; develops housing concepts “green building”; using filtered light to making draft, industrial paper to making structures and zenith images to create urban plans.
The interest in Photography, led him to evolve an Artistic research, set in Turin, with an interest in the Minimal Image (Inside to… Architecture + Inside to… Art-Show) and Metaphysical Vision (Accumulation).
The interest in Creative Writing, led him to evolve a Fictional research, set in Turin, at the end of the old millennium, with narrative suggestions Noir; and writing a screenplay, set in Turin, 20 years after the facts narrated in the Romance.
The interest in the Piano, led him to evolve a Music research in chords 7+11; with Jazz chromatic suggestions, rhythmic accents Swing and the use of Counterpoint Free.


The interest in Cinematography, led him to evolve a Documentary research, on the life of Vittorio Calcina, with cinematic backgrounds of a Turin in the late 19th century.


The search for a common line between different forms of art; brings him, at a young age, to confront the writing, drawing and photography.
After art school experience to naturalist poetry and the training novel. Participates in a creative writing workshop at the “Scuola Holden” in Turin with the writer Voltolini, where he explores the narrative technique. He attended the editorial board of the newspaper “PiemonteNews” and through the advice of the editor-in-chief Gherlone he experimented with editorial writing and photojournalism.
Experience the urban abstract expressionist painting focusing on elementary shapes and raw colors. Participates in an anatomical drawing workshop at the studio of the sculptor Garoglio in which he analyzed the matter and its applications. He attended the atelier of painter Fraus where it explores the anatomical drawing and portrait.
Afterwards it deepens photography urban landscape and is dedicated to analyzing the outlook in the different periods of light. He attended the school of photography “Ph Libero” and through the advice of photographer Coppi analyzes the themes that make up the picture, with emphasis on technical and photographic genres.
Enters into a relationship with young writers, painters and musicians and begins to organize artistic events in public places in the center of Turin. He founded the “Centroarte” agency with the intent to develop the artistic direction of events polyhedral that connect with each other, writing, art and music.
The cinema brings him to know and attend the corridors the “Film Commission” of Turin. In the role of assistant of casting director Cazzola experiences the selection and management of human resources and analyzes the various trades that make the production of a movie. Join a video production workshop at the director’s studio Monaco where analyzes filming technique and video editing.
Afterwards, in the role of audio lighting technician, deepens the architecture of sound and light, sneaking in the construction of a theater, and in setting up audio equipment and lights, as well as, commissioning of the control room.
The music, brings him, to experience the role of disc jockey refining over time its own style and an increasingly sophisticated musical approach. Join a music production workshop at the musician’s studio Sogno which analyzes the sound and its applications.

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