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Via Paolo Borsellino, 38 Torino

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1 January 2017
1 January 2034



Energy Center | For the environmental energy research

The main objective of the complex is the creation of multifunctional infrastructure for the delivery of quality services to organizations and enterprises, mainly dedicated to research and technological experimentation.

The building complex is designed as a technological model of “eco-building”, with design choices that take into account the entire life cycle of the building-plant system and that are consistent with the principles of a research and experimentation, thought specifically for the optimization of the consumption of resources and energy saving in the building.


Energy Center – Building


Energy Center – Hall


Energy Center – Hall


Energy Center – Coffee Break


Energy Center – Terrace


Energy Center – Polyvalent Hall


Energy Center  – ClassRoom


Energy Center – Laboratory

Project details:

Start of construction: 2014

Completion of work: 2017

Client: Città di Torino, Regione Piemonte, Compagnia di Sanpaolo, Fondazione CRT

Construction company: A.T.I., Mattioda, GEMMO, SO.GE.CO.

Production cost: 20,000,000 Euro

Director construction service for culture: Architect Rosalba Stura

Director of public housing and social services: Architect Corrado Damiani

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Event details

  •   Place:
    Via Paolo Borsellino, 38 Torino
  •   From - To:
    1 January 2017
    1 January 2034
  •   Contact phone:
    +39 3396511559
  •   Contact mail:

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